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Jordanelle real estate – Expansion & future growth!

The Jordanelle real estate market has been booming for the past few years. Buyers realized that they are still able to get more property for their money while only being only a few minutes outside of the Park City town limits. Most properties also offer easy access to golfing, boating and the Deer Valley gondola at the Mayflower exit.

The Jordanelle masterplan has been released years ago, however, it looks like things are starting to come together now. Supposedly six different land owners are proposing developments in the area right now. According to Wasatch County a Netherlands-based company that owns property on both sides of U.S. 40 at the Mayflower exit is seeking approval for a development with 2,000 residential units to be located mountainside from the upper reaches of Deer Valley Resorts east to U.S. 40. The application includes plans for a mountain ski village and additional lifts, condominiums, hotels and single-family townhouses. Several parcels will be up for sale to various hotel developers. In addition to that, the Netherlands-based company requested 451 residential units (single-family homes and stacked condominiums) to be built on the parcel between U.S. 40 and the Jordanelle boating ramp as well as another 578 units for the northern-most parcel, also for single-family lots and townhomes.

Wasatch County also recently approved more than 800 residential units to be located on the east side of U.S. 40. The applicant is proposing a hotel, commercial and light residential development directly east of where the gondola is. The applicant is considering putting in an underpass to link directly to Deer Valley.

Furthermore, Deer Valley Resort has put in an expansion proposal to include more ski lifts, runs and additional parking and roads to facilitate transportation.

The military has been donated a parcel just south of Deer Crest and is planning on adding a hotel for military personnel.

Armstrong, a Wasatch County Council member says: “It reminds me of what Park City may have been experiencing in the late 1990s and early 2000s in the run up to the Olympics. The base area they are contemplating over in Mayflower could be a huge economic driver for that region. It’s actually quite remarkable.”

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