Big Changes at Canyons Ski Resort

Since Talisker took over the Canyons Ski Resort in 2008, we have seen many great changes happen and Talisker has not rested for one minute since. They opened a bike park, a trout pond, a miniature golf course, put in a childrens play ground, amphitheater, new restaurants and most importantly started working on the 18-hole golf course in full swing.

Nonetheless, Talisker is still talking to improve the Canyons experience even further. One of the biggest ideas is to connect the resort with Solitude Mountain Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. A timeline and idea of whether it would be connected with a tram or lift system is undecided. County and Forest approvals are still needed as well.

A connection would likely become a crucial marketing tool for both Canyons and Solitude. There are 5,200 acres of skiing terrain between the two of them, an expanse that would make them a behemoth in the industry. For more information and news visit

New Restaurants

Big changes are also coming to Canyons Resort’s food scene. The Silverado Lodge is opening Bistro at Canyons – the first certified kosher restaurant open all winter at any ski resort in the country. Traditional Sabbath meals will be offered Fridays and Saturdays. To-Go breakfasts and lunches for on-the-mountain will be offered as well. The restaurant will feature an Shul for synagogue services.

The Waldorf Astoria’s restaurant has a new French chef who specialies in Alpine cuisine. The restaurant features a new name – SLOPES and will also get a new look.

The Hyatt Escala Lodge invested $3.5 million into a new restaurant, bar and gourmet food market. It is scheduled to open in November.


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